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I could see why Rachel would like him," she explained."He's what he describes himself to be, a go-getter.“The Robert Irvine Show” will take the place of “The Bill Cunningham Show” in the 3 p.m.Monday-Friday slot on Tribune-owned stations and other CW affiliates starting in September., which premieres on Bravo on April 11, feature a montage of said housewives talking trash about our city (two of the cast members—40 percent of them—originally hail from the Bayou City, which they diss like only a self-hating Houstonian can).And yes, Dallasites continue to make all Texans look like hot new-money messes, on ? There are many shows about African-American women, but none that also show them collectively as kick-butt professionals.We had really good dates..." She went on to recall their most memorable date, which was when he ordered pizza for her after a long day of work and just hung out.

Inspired By: —basically any other Bravo show Potential Spinoff: Please, God, no. Although there’s been no mention of the show on the Bravo website, and no airdate set despite filming commencing almost a year ago.

As soon as you find a new love interest you'll forget you've got friends anyway, so what's your mate doing gurning like a chimp alongside you in your profile picture?

Seriously, it's okay to have a bit of an ego here, be the centre of attention and avoid right-swipe confusion where people disappointedly realise you're "the other one" and not actually the photo's fitty.2.

Star: Former Houston city council member and current HISD board member Jolanda Jones—and her marvelous taste in earrings Concept: Six high-powered African-American female lawyers balance work, family and relationships. Potential Spinoff: Someone needs to give Vivian King a Star: Billionaire Landry’s owner Tilman Fertitta Concept: Entrepreneurs around the country pitch Fertitta on their products, hoping to get a purchase order from Landry’s 50 restaurants and 500 properties. on BET Star: Vikki Vines, owner and auctioneer at Gallery Auctions Concept: The show chronicles the crazy characters and adventures of one of the biggest and busiest auction houses in Texas. Potential Spinoff: We would have loved an entire show about Stella, the rotund English bulldog, and the ladies in Shiner, Texas, who designed her custom outfits, but sadly she passed away after the pilot episode. Where to Watch: Airs Wednesdays at noon on MAV-TV; available for streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Star: Bill Klein, Dr.

Inspired By: , obviously Potential Spinoff: The real drama is always behind the scenes at a restaurant. Jennifer Arnold and, increasingly, their two children—Will, 5, and Zoey, 4Concept: A refreshingly normal, heartwarming Knollwood Village couple experience highs (two international adoptions) and lows (surgery, cancer).


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