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The Sydney Morning Herald - National, World, Business, Entertainment, Sport and Technology News from Australia’s leading newspaper The Age - National, World, Business, Entertainment, Sport and Technology News from Melbourne’s leading newspaper au au - Business News, World News & Breaking News in Australia Australian women's attitudes to feminism strikes me as similar to the late Superman star Christopher Reeve's relationship to stem cell research after the horse-riding accident that left him quadriplegic.At the height of his youth and fame, Reeves was back-slapped worldwide and probably felt as invulnerable as the Man of Steel; advocacy for the disabled was the last thing on his mind.This is because the decision to have children in this country is still heavily weighted against women - more often than not it is a choice between career and motherhood - and it's the Gordian Knot of gender issues in this country.When you're a young hottie, it probably does feel like you have the world at your feet: men, especially older ones, will dribble over themselves to do your bidding and the gender discrepancies in junior pay rates are less noticeable.I mean by becoming an interesting and varied person with hobbies, passions and dreams.

Speak to a 35-year-old mum and she'll probably have a far different response with many using words like "unappreciated", "bored" and "invisible".Then in May, 1995, Reeve was thrown off his recalcitrant galloper and paralyzed from the neck down: soon after he was everywhere, lobbying on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries and for human embryonic stem cell research to help him lift film scripts again.He was a powerful advocate, but it was the advocacy of self-interest: Australian women's attitudes to feminism are very similar - most of them only want it when they need it ...Basically, you shouldn't ‘act’ at all because women will see through it.So many people say that you should ‘just be yourself’ around women.Being a singleton these days brings with it the best and the worst of times.


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