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WATCH VIDEO Peter Bailey meets with the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Congressman GK Butterfield in Overtown where the two discuss the black vote in the upcoming election & how Donald Trump's galvanized poor Whites around his campaign.

WATCH VIDEO The legendary emcee Rakim invites Peter Bailey to share a Nite Cap at the 30th anniversary of Paid In Full inside NYC's BB Kings where the two discuss police brutality, stereotypes & the need for artists to speak on social issues.

Climate change is not some day to come; it's already here.

Why then have so many Americans stopped believing in climate change? Denial of global warming has become a shibboleth for the right wing, an easy way of marking one's tribal identity as a conservative in good standing.

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Up first Brian Brackeen, whose facial recognition company earned him recognition as "tech entrepreneur of the year" by Black Enterprise magazine shares his provocative story.

WATCH VIDEO Award-winning Author Peter Bailey takes viewers on a journey to the past in re-telling the story of how he was inspired to create his new series "Nite Cap Next" focused on empowering entrepreneurs of color.

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The authors argued that the world cannot wait to address damage to biodiversity and that the window of time for effective action was very short, “probably two or three decades at most”.Pilkey step into this increasingly fraught political arena with the explicit intent of combating climate denialism.In their new book, Global Climate Change: A Primer, Pilkey and Pilkey have no interest in appearing "fair and balanced," and while they acknowledge gray areas in current climate science, they do not pretend that there is any serious question about the reality of climate change. "Of this there can be no doubt among those who observe the Earth." The book accordingly seeks both to inoculate its reader against denialist memes as well as arm her with an arsenal of facts to be deployed against right-wing relatives on Facebook or at the next family reunion.Rakim Calls on Hip Hop Artists to speak on Injustice & Police Brutality WATCH VIDEO Peter Bailey takes hip hop star Stalley to St.The rankings presented are computerized and provided by the Fight Matrix ranking system, which utilizes a comprehensive MMA fight database to provide objective rankings.The world is experiencing a “biological annihilation” of its animal species because of humans' effect on the Earth, a new study has found.


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