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You should also read the post if you’re a bored retiree crazy enough to think that going back to work will make you happier!Susan writes that she was sexually harassed at Uber and denied upward mobility due to being a woman.

A spokeswoman for Uber declined comment on the bill.The names of Level 1 offenders aren't included in the state's public registry, but are known to the state.The state's ride-hailing law requires ride-hailing companies to perform background checks on its drivers, including a criminal-history check.The law lays out a variety of crimes that are disqualifying for drivers.The Upstate Transportation Association, a coalition of groups including upstate taxi companies, had pushed for tougher background checks that would have required drivers to be finger-printed."If they want to ensure that sex offenders never drive an Uber in New York, fingerprinting is the best way to do it," John Tomassi, the association's president, said in a looking into allegations from a former engineer of sexual harassment, a new accusation that's likely to draw renewed attention to the lack of women in Silicon Valley's technical ranks.


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