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Instead, suspension makes key used to decrypt the data available to everyone in the clear. While suspended, Bit Locker does not validate system integrity at start up.You might suspend Bit Locker protection for firmware upgrades or system updates.The reason for this is the boot device makes up part of the system measurement used by Bitlocker and this must remain consistent to validate the system status and unlock Bit Locker. if you have the DVD-ROM drive listed first and had a bootable media inserted, this can cause the system measurement to change.)If you have a laptop with a docking station, make sure that it is plugged into the docking station, in order to make sure that the external devices presented by the docking station are present in BIOS.When you are either deploying a new system or encrypting the drive for the first time.

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For the last two days, we've had a bunch of Windows 10 systems asking for the Bitlocker key after a restart.Specify zero to suspend protection indefinitely until you resume it by using the Resume-Bit Locker cmdlet.If you do not inclue this parameter, the cmdlet uses a value of one.You can specify the number of times that a computer restarts before the Bit Locker suspension ends by using the Specifies the number of computer restarts before Bit Locker restores protection.The acceptable values for this parameter are: integers from 0 to 15.Volume C: [] [OS Volume] When you are installing additional language packs onto the system, and selecting the option to apply the language settings to all users and system accounts.


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