Tips for dating a jewish man

Jewish men have a strong pull towards tradition and their heritage and Jewish men are nervous, Woody Allen-types on dates.

But the fact of the matter is that Jewish men, in general, defy those stereotypes, and are far more complex.

Don’t assume that just because you’re both Jewish, you’re on the same page spiritually.

Why is dating someone who’s Jewish important to you?

You need to be aware of that, respectful of and sensitive to it.

Most of us are willing to celebrate your holidays, too!

He is the first real guy I have been in a relationship with. We’ve been together for several months and I can sense his hesitancy about me…and I am also hesitant of him. There is statistical evidence on how many Jewish men insist on marrying Jewish – and that number is around 50%. Maybe he spends three years with you and falls in love with you. Maybe you don’t need to convert, but you’re open to raising the kids Jewish.

Unless you are Jewish, or are already familiar with Judaism, Jewish culture, traditions and values, dating a Jewish man will require some consideration. Whilst your genuine mistake may seem endearing when you first meet a Jewish man you’re interested in getting to know, your lack of basic cultural knowledge is unlikely to impress.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is thinking that there is a Jewish language. If you’re interested in dating a Jewish man make the effort to get to know something about his culture and traditions.

Not only will you have something to talk about but you’ll also pique his interest in you.

As a shiksa you’ll also need to learn typical yiddish words that Jews often use in everyday English conversation.


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