Updating an older bathroom christiang dating service

Even though I have a tight budget for home improvement, my wife and I have been able to make cheap changes that have the neighbors complimenting us on how nice the house looks, and in one case even asking if we replaced the siding and the roof!

The truth is that we spent nowhere near the cost of big projects like new siding or a new roof.

If you have an older bathroom you consider out-of-date, here are a few tricks to help you spruce it up without renovating.

Note: The following images are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect actual period installations. Update the fixtures Usually a pedestal sink will still be in good shape after decades of use, but a leaky faucet and out-of-date sconces will need to be replaced.

Here are some of the cheap upgrades I did at my 1980s house over the past two years.

(See also: How to Create Your Dream Backyard on a Budget) Our house is at the end of a street with the mailbox right out front.

Then we glued them to the big circle with Gorilla Wood Glue. Then we added a touch of white painter’s caulk to fill any cracks.Reviving a tired washroom needn't require a total overhaul.In the following gallery, see how updated fixtures, painted floors, smart storage solutions, and creative wall, window, and mirror treatments can add character and style at an affordable price.We are almost to the point where we can officially add it to the “finished project list”. And if any of you have ever done a little remodeling, you know how long it can take to get to some of them.Today I want to share with you how we went about updating builder grade cabinets.This is was a really easy addition that really made a the regular old cabinets feel a bit more upscale.


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