Webcam sighup

It should not be the role of the Web server to start the u WSGI server – though you can also do that if it fits your architecture.

How to best start u WSGI services at boot depends on the operating system you use. On “classic” operating systems you can use process mode, the u WSGI server can be gracefully restarted without closing the main sockets.

SIGHUP as a notification about terminal closing event doesn't make sense for a daemon, because deamons are detached from their terminal. Then it is common practice for daemons to use it for another meaning, typically reloading the daemon's configuration. Using this well-known technique follows the principle of least surprise.

See the wikipedia entry for SIGHUP and from there, a longer description with implementation example In my experience, SIGHUP is commonly used to request that a daemon reload its configuration.

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